Outbound Trips

Trips are an important part of the programme and the annual residential to Paddington Farm, near Glastonbury in Somerset, is a highlight of the summer for a group of young people. As well as being a fun holiday, there is a learning element involved in being on a farm with the animals and cooking for themselves in the evenings.

This year we are going to Cornwall and Somerset for a week and for a weekend. Other trips have involved scuba diving, a sports day in nearby Regent’s Park, a day trip to Brighton, rock climbing and swimming at the Seymour Centre, water skiing and a visit to the musical “Thriller” for the Girl’s Club.

Each year we take away a small group of members who have shown throughout the year their support and involvement in the Club. It is a great way for the group to enjoy time out of the city and to share in outdoor activities.

The Summer Holiday ends with a Presentation Evening which presents awards to the young people who have participated in particular activities, celebrating their achievements at Fourth Feathers.