Our Mission

We Are Making Progress

More opportunities than ever,  greater chances for success.

Horizons, Talents, Security

We provide opportunities for children and young people in London to develop in a positive way through informal education, sporting, cultural and recreational activities. The Fourth Feathers Youth and Community Centre runs programmes six days a week which we draw up in consultation with our young members. 

What We Do


We provide a full range of activities and facilities including cookery, gym, games room, football, basketball, bike club and many more.

Junior Club

We provide space, computers and staff support for young people to make the most of their homework time – to ensure they can keep up with their studies and fulfil their potential.


We take a group of young people to Paddington Farm each year to take a break from the fast pace of city life. At these holidays we can enjoy a wide range of activities including fishing, farming, fruit picking and other country pursuits that are relaxing and fun.


Our youth workers understand some of the daily challenges facing our members and are always on hand to listen and give advice and support wherever necessary.


Who Funds Our Work

Over the past 80 years we have have worked with some of the foremost funding institutes and individuals – and today we are recognised as a leading authority on youth work in London. In order to run a successful youth and community hub, Fourth Feathers is extremely grateful to all its funders particularly the Feathers Association for its continuing support of core costs and management time.

Other organisations have supported specific programmes including Barings who originally funded the Junior Club and The Portman Foundation who continue to fund the Junior Club today, Peter Lord Memorial Fund, the Landmark Hotel, Schroder Charity Trust, National Grid, South Square Trust, BGS Cayzer Settlement, Westminster Primary Care Trust, Westminster Councillors’ Ward Budget Funds and Positive Activities for Young People, who help to fund the outbound programmes.

See how to become a funder here.

Success Stories

We are regularly visited by old members who have gone on to make interesting careers and adult lives – for example there is  Sonique who is now featuring in an advert for Lucozade and Abdullah and Abdul Raman who have become basketball players for the hard of hearing England team. Sufiyan has just won Silver medal in the London Youth Games. Ali and many others have gone on to University to study business studies, Priscilla has gone to University and Arbessa, who is helping us take photographs for the website, is in college studying photography. One member has achieved a Bronze medal in Taekwondo and there are many European finalists.

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Make Our Mission Real

Our aim is to enable young people to cope more effectively with the transition from adolescence to adulthood and to understand and act on personal, social and political issues which affect their lives, the lives of others and the communities of which they form a part.

We believe it is important to increase the ability of young people to identify, advocate and pursue their rights and responsibilities as individual citizens, as well as develop their capabilities – physical, intellectual, moral, social and emotional.