Frequently Asked Questions

How old do you have to be?

The minimum age is 8 and the upper age limit is 19.

How many members are there currently?

There are about 500 members of the Centre and on average 40 come to the Centre daily, with attendances running at a rate of 9,600 a year.

What are the rules and regulations of membership?

We have few rules at the club – however those we do have are strict and relate to enjoyment for all. We do not allow fighting, swearing, bullying or any other form of aggressive behaviour. We recognise that sometimes our members have different opinions or believe they have been wronged in some way, however we are always on hand to discuss issues calmly with a view to resolving differences. We adhere to this above all else for the wellbeing of all club members.

We do not allow alcohol, drugs, knives or any other harmful implement on site.

What other costs are there?

Apart from the membership fee of £15 per year, there may be additional costs for outbound trips during the holidays but we try keep these to a minimum.

Can I bring a friend?

We welcome and encourage you to bring your friends to Fourth Feathers. Make sure your friend brings 50p per visit they make to Feathers.

What if I have learning difficulties?

We encourage everyone to join the Fourth Feathers and we involve those with learning difficulties in most activities we run. If you have any particular special needs that you would like to discuss, please contact Andrew Mederick. The upper age limit for those members with learning difficulties is 25.

Where is the Feathers located?

Fourth Feathers Youth Club is located just behind Marylebone station. Marylebone station is on the Bakerloo line.  If you are coming by bus, the numbers 13, 82, 113, 139, 189 and 273 buses pass close by.